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HRpro application software is very ideal for both large and small scale companies that requires a well organised solution to manage their employees. HRpro is flexible and expansive to accomodate all your requirements and can be customised for your organisation.

HRpro application was built with web technology using software development standards for global functionalities following best practices in software development.
The application is compartible with most of the browsers available such Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, etc.

Attendance management is how you keep track of employee hours & error free payroll leads to happier workforce

Manage your employees easily with a robust and efficient. A fully automated employee time and attendance tracking


Easy & Reliable Payroll Software. Our fully integrated, easy-to-use system makes payroll pain a thing of the past

Leave management is the process used to handle any kind of time off request and to track time that employees are away from work.

Manage all your employees’ Resignation & Termination info.


Give salary to your employees & generate your company’s all salary report.